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Randalstown Cultural Awareness Association
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.Smile  R.C.A.A.hopes our website gives you a better understanding of what we are about.A few articles have been included on some of the things we have been involved with.

We are a relatively new group and though we were formed in 2007 we feel we are still finding our footing.

We can be contacted at the above email address or on 07709105347.




Welcome to Neillsbrook

We have finally completed our reimaging project in the Neillsbrook estate .After consultation with various groupings, it was decided that some of the red white blue kerbstones would be removed.In conjunction with this 2 welcome to Neillsbrook signs would be placed at the entrance of the estate.This project was funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland./ Antrim Borough Council. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and help make this possible.




 RCAA St.Patricks celebrations



On Tuesday 16th March 2010, Randalstown Cultural Awareness Association held their second evening on St.Patrick, which again was very successful. There was information provided by Randalstown Central Primary and the Ulster Scotts society on the life and times of our Patron Saint. A visit also took place. We went to the St.Patricks centre in Downpatrick where we visited various churches, a cathedral and St.Patricks grave.



This project was in partnership with Arches good relations officer Ann Mcguinness.To address mental health issues such as suicide.A number of events took place in April looking at various topics and how people are affected.The programme was funded by South Antrim Rural Network and Public Health Agency.

R.C.A.A.hope that we can help to get the message across that there is a need for support for those affected by mental health.



R.C.A.A.have been working with other groups from Southern Ireland.

 New Border Generation based in Carlingford have been working with us since 2008.A number of education classes took place,1 on contentious issues saw 18 people taken part.

Followed with a historical visit to Dublin.Some of the places looked at was the Memorial garden and Collins Barracks.

The Guild Of Uriel / Meath Peace Group have been working with us since 2009.A number of exchange visits saw our groups come together for debates and discussions on topics from drugs to politics.We hope to organise more of this in the coming months.

Randalstown Cultural Awareness


Randalstown Cultural Awareness Association is a community group which was formed in the year 2007, our aim and acheivements is to promote cultural awareness in the greater Randalstown area and further afield.

We have created this website in order to help us get the message across and introduce the group to those who may have an interest in the group and what we do.

Up until now we have carried out educational classes ranging from, ICT (computer skills), a child protection course and residentials to places such as DerryNoid and Armagh. There have been a number of other courses we have carried out, they have all been a great success and a credit to our association .



Two emblems that seem to come into controversy in Northern Ireland are the Shamrock,which is in bloom for St.patricks day {17th March ]

The other being the Poppy,worn in November.

We have looked at both of these and would encourge others to look beyond the political side of the argument.St.patrick is the Patron saint of Ireland.For all to share.

The Poppy is a symbol of remembrance.Many people lost their lives in numerous conflicts over the years.Regardless of colour or creed.It should not be seen nor used as a political symbol.



On Saturday 12th June we held our Cultural funday in Neillsbrook. The Caddy Fife n Drum entertained the crowds with their music.

There was face painting and bouncy slide for the children.Not forgetting the games such as the potato n spoon race and tug o war.

The sun shone throughout the day and some of our elected representatives came along to join the fun.The burgers and hotdogs went down a treat.

We would like to thank everyone who was there on the day.Antrim Borough Council summer events programme who funded us.The day proved to be a funfilled afternoon for all the community.





We held our A.G.M.on Thursday 27th May in Neillsbrook Community Centre.In attendance were Councillor Brian Graham,Kerry Brady,community support officer Antrim Borough Council.

After the election of our new committee refreshments were served.

R.C.A.A.would like to thank everyone who has supported our group since its formation in 2007.



As the 1st of July approaches R.C.A.A.held a presentation on the Great War of 1914 1918. Friends Of The Somme Mid Antrim gave a fantastic insight of local contribution made during the war.We would like to thank every one who turned up on Thursday 24th june .



We have been involved recently in a number of education classes.

Contentious issues level 3 which was held in Belfast at the weekend.This takes place over 3 weekends and a 5 day educational visit to Poland.

The second course on going at the moment is on peace building and is also accredited.This will last for 10 weeks.We urge our committee and members to participate in such courses.We feel by doing so gives us a better understanding and a wider view on issues we face on a daily day.


We have just finished our 10 week course on peace building which was done through queens university open learning.3 members of R.C.A.A.completed this.the final piece will be a five day visit to the battle fields of Europe in November 2010.

We also completed a 3 hour course last week.(thursday 30th oct.2010} on safe talk.looking into suicide .



On wednesday 3rd November 2010 we made our way to visit the battle fields of the great war.Here we visited many graves of the fallen from all sections of Europe.

This was an emotional journey which would be highly recommended for a better understanding of the sacrifice made.


We hope to be covering a number of projects with young people in our area in 2011.from drugs/alcohol awareness to racism/sectarianism.This will be a challenge to all those involved.Any one interested please contact R.C.A.A.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us in 2010.Have a merry christmas and a peaceful new year


 We have started a 10 week computer course which takes place each Tuesday.unfortunately all places are now taken as there was a big demand.We will keep you updated on how the course goes.



Tonight starts our project with the n.i.youth forum.Working with the young people of the area.

 Various topics will be addressed over the next couple of weeks.



Wednesday 23rd february @7pm.south antrim rural network offices Randalstown, we will be hosting an awareness evening looking at the drugs/alcohol problems which leads to mental health issues.

wednesday 2nd march @7pm the second night will be held.

everyone welcome.







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